The program around the world

Based on what was learned in the original program, it continues to be adapted for other jurisdictions and other situations. They include other Canadian provinces, other countries (U.S., European countries, Asia), use in remote areas as well as urban areas, hospital and home-based pulmonary rehabilitation, COPD patients in primary care.

Each adaptation is thoroughly tested before being implemented. The team at the Montreal Chest Institute ensures that each adaptation is appropriate for the new context and that quality is respected.

When the Living Well with COPD (LWWCOPD) program was first developed, we did not expect the overwhelming response it generated. Since different countries and sponsors have expressed interest in the LWWCOPD program, it is necessary to provide essential guidelines that will enable consistency throughout. This guide will provide each “team” with information to support and help develop LWWCOPD communication in their market.

It is the responsibility of each organization to ensure that all LWWCOPD materials produced for that market receive thorough review by local medical, legal and regulatory representatives prior to distribution.

The materials developed for this program reach both the patient and healthcare practitioner. A different approach is taken in order to meet the needs and objectives of each group.