COPD Treatment

Can COPD be cured?

COPD can't be cured, but it can be treated so you can live a fulfilling and satisfactory life.

What is the best COPD treatment?

Proper COPD treatment includes these steps:

  • Quit smoking to slow down your COPD.
  • Take COPD medications to prevent and lessen symptoms.
  • Make changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy.
  • Engage in physical activity and exercise. If you need support, you may join a pulmonary rehabilitation program.
  • Prevent and control your COPD flare-ups or worsening of symptoms.
  • For certain people with COPD, doctors may also recommend oxygenotherapy.


How to Manage a COPD Exacerbation?

If you are touched by COPD you need to be aware of changes in your symptoms and being prepared to manage them. For instance, would you know what to do in certain situations and who to call to get help? This is the time to take what you have learned and apply it to your own life, on a day-to-day basis.

In order to be ready, your doctor and healthcare team need to develop an Action Plan with you: This will be your decision-making tool. Here are ways your Action plan will help you:

  • Identify your resources
  • Identify your usual symptoms
  • Identify your regular treatment & what to do when you feel well
  • Learn to recognize & manage an aggravation of your symptoms


Download the Action Plan in PDF format


The Living Well with COPD program offers information and support for each of these topics. The best way to learn more about COPD is to work together with your health care team that will be able to provide you the information and support specifically suited to your needs.